Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby film remake update.

Story in The Telegraph todayquestions the need for a remake of this film now.
Gatsby: a story that suits our age; Old Sport: Leonardo DiCaprio stars in a new film version of one of the all-time great novels, written by Scott Fitzgerald; XPUSMM; rex
"A Gatsby moment is upon us. The Great Gatsby is by far the most popular novel of F Scott Fitzgerald; it embodies the 1920s, and has attained an iconic status, both for American novelists and for many readers. Still, the flood of adaptations about to pour over us is unprecedented. Is there something in the air? Is there something that makes this most glamorous of novels speak to us with especial resonance?
Later this summer, a new film adaptation of The Great Gatsby will be released, starring Leonardo DiCaprio  and Carey Mulligan, as Daisy Buchanan. (Read rest of story here

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