Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bewley's cafe Theatre 'The candidate'

I'm a great fan of Bewley's cafe theatre- how can you go wrong for €12 and only €8 on a Monday (if you have the day off!). July's play is 'The Candidate' by Gina Moxley. The blurb on the website tells us;
A New Play by Gina Moxley
Starring Frances Healy
The Candidate is a lively, light and satirical take on the holiday romance:

Myra, a thirty-something Irish woman, in search of love, mistakenly books herself into a honeymoon resort and finds herself surrounded by couples.
Her luck changes when... in he walks, with a livid sunburnt vee on his chest, as good as sticking a harp on his forehead. He's Irish and he’s single! Their attraction is immediate and primal. Myra feels hot in places she'd forgotten about.
It’s all love (and gymnastics) under the mosquito nets, until he casually reveals he's a backbencher - a T.D. on a junket.
Is Myra destined for the Dáil? Well, would you trust an Irish politician?

The Candidate is a tropical cocktail of sex, sun and politics and the perfect antidote to the Irish summer.
July 02 - 21, 2012
Time: 1pm (doors open 12.50) http://www.bewleyscafetheatre.com/

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