Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dublin Bicycle Depot

Read about this place also on LeCool- what a good idea.
"We all like to get things for cheap. It just so happens that the Dublin Bicycle Depot likes to sell us things for cheap; namely bicycles, of all shapes and sizes. Their workshop is based on the Fiets factory in Amsterdam, but evidently operates on a much smaller scale. With no funding and very little help from the government (or any other source), they go about collecting used and abandoned bicycles and turning them into functioning modes of transportation once again. Pick your model from the rows of castaways, and it will be serviced and refitted on site by one of the two gracious and professional mechanics. If, like me, your budget prevents you from even entering a store full of shiny new brands, it is a great alternative that promotes cycling culture for everyone and lends a hand to recycling pre-loved goods." by Jerath Head
where? Maxwell Lane, Rathmines, Dublin 6.
when? 10am-7pm
how much? From €50

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