Monday, June 4, 2012

East Midlands Book Award

Thank you to Rhian on her blog for alerting me to a recent win.
Anne Zouroudi has won the East Midlands Book Award for The Whisper of Nemesis.
The site for the award tells us about this new award."The East Midlands Book Award is an independent, annual award that was first awarded in 2011 for the best book of 2010. £1000 will be given to a writer of Fiction (including work aimed at young people), Creative Non-Fiction, or Poetry. The aim of the award is to promote writers who live in the East Midlands, to raise the profile of the thriving literary scene in the region, and to reward exceptional work...
The Whispers of Nemesis is a story of desperate measures and long-kept secrets, of murder and immortality and of pride coming before the steepest of falls.

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