Sunday, September 30, 2012

Family Menus

So, today I'm planning the usual Sunday family meal and I'm also thinking about how hard it is toplan the most basic requirement-meals that the whole family likes. I have one vegetarian, one "just chips & no pizza", one "no wet sauces" and one "not too fussy" in my four kids. It's a challenge and thank God for Quorn. But I tend to plan a weeks menu in advance so as not to get caughton the hop at tea time with the panic of "what shall I cook?". This weeks menu looked like this;

Sausages/Quorn sausages& chips
Chinese chicken with rice/Bean & potato veg stew (V)
Friday night pizza/plain pasta
Pasta & sundried tomato pesto with pinenuts & bacon (separate to add)
Sunday roast chicken/Quorn fillet(v)
(to come)
mince hotpot topped with glazed potatoes/cheesy root gratin(v)
beef casserole & potatoes/ root gratin reheated (v)+fresh veg

It's a pain, but I find if I take the five minutes to think it through I spend much less on impulse in the supermarket and have all I need in the house.

A few recipes;

Chinese-style lemon chicken with rice
Mix 1 egg, a crushed garlic clove and grated rind 1 lemon together and add 500g cubed chicken breast. Marinade 15 mins then stir in 2 tbsps cornflour to dissolve and coat the chicken. get your rice on. Heat tblsp oil in frying pan, add half the chicken pieces a piece at a time, cook 5 mins then turn over for another 5 mins. Remove and add other batch. Return all chicken to pan, cook 2-3 mins more till cooked .Squeeze over juice 2 lemons and 2 tsp sweet chilli sauce. Heat through and serve with rice.

Veg and bean casserole
I adapted this from a weight watchers recipe that included quorn sausages so you could add sausage to this if wanted.
Tip a 400g can butterbeans into saucepan, add a veg stock cube. Chop an onion and some mushrooms and fry lightly, add to saucepan. Peel and large dice 3 medium potatoes and a carrot. Add a tin of chopped tomatoes and half the can again of water. Bring to boil then simmer gently till potatoes are cooked. You can add any root veg to this and change the veg depending on what you have available. I have thinned this the next day and added small pasta to make a hearty soup.

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