Saturday, September 29, 2012

This is why we love Paris so...

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Clothes sold by the kilo

"Clothes sold by the kilo
September 27th, 2012

"I would like 1 kilo of retro skirts, 500 grams of vintage scarves and 2 kilos of printed blouses". In this market, they don't sell apples, they sell second-hand clothes. Welcome to Kiloshop, the new fashion addicts' haunt that just bloomed in the Marais.

The concept of this titanic loft ? Vintage clothing... sold by the kilo. You smell and appreciate the material, feel the weight, and come across a lovely top or a designer dress. All the clothes are gathered according to the colors or prints. Leather pouch : 12,50 € / kg. Jeans and shorts : 20 € /kg. Here's a strategic plan : choose a silk shirt that will weigh a lot less than a big wool sweater. At such a price, why deprive ourselves ?

60-71 rue de la Verrerie, 75004
Tél : 09 67 13 79 54"
Now, that's the way to do it!!

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