Monday, October 29, 2012

Book Launch: Rory Gallagher - His Life and Times

This is one book launch that must have been great craic. This reviewer unfortunately couldn't make it down to Cork last Thursday when the Lord Mayor of Cork and Philip King,musician, film-maker and broadcaster as guest speaker, officially launched the book of Cork's guitar legend Rory Gallagher - His Life and Times by Marcus Connaughton and published by Collins Press, but it was the apres-launch where things must have really kicked off, at The Corner House on Coburg Street. With music by The Dave McHugh Band, Pat Horgan and other guests I'd say the place was really rocking.
Rory Gallagher is claimed as Ireland's first ever rock star, a guitar hero who sold more than 30 million records. The author Marcus Connaughton, blues expert and record industry veteran, has collected together never-seen-before photographs for the biography as well as insights  from Gallagher's contemporaries, road crew, family and friends.
 Marcus  Connaughton

Fans of Gallagher's travelled from afar for the launch including former fanzine editor Dino McGartland, Germany's 'Rory Tribute Show' organiser $20 Bill, and rock photographers Fin Costello and Colm Henry. Also there were U2 sound engineer Joe O'Herlihy and poet Louis de Paor.

For Rory fans and anyone interested in music, this is a great addition to the rock biography category and will surely make its way onto many Christmas lists this year.
 Rory Gallagher - His Life and Times by Marcus Connaughton and published by Collins Press.


  1. Nice to see Louis there. Louis wrote a great poem about Rory that John Spillane turned into a great song. Here's a link to it:

    1. Thanks for your comment Milo.I will look that link up,
      Louise-Dublin Duchess

  2. Almost all the photos in this book have been published before.