Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Eason's Virtual Bookshop at Connolly Station, Dublin.

Everyone in Dublin seems to be talking about this cool new virtual bookshop that has popped up on Connolly Station.
Photo: Back to our roots.....check out Ireland's FIRST EVER Virtual Book Shop! But can you guess where it is??
It looks great. First trialled in South Korea, there are QR codes on the picture of each book for you to scan with your phone which directs you to a Facebook page, add your credit card details and the book is dispatched within five days. I wonder how successful it will be, and would you use it? Why not just go to the bookshop and get the book? But maybe there's not one on your route in and out of work or as the press report said  you "don't have time to tackle the queues." When I saw it first I presumed it was for Kindle, some kind of scan and instant download. Open until Christmas with hopes to expand, I'll look out for feedback and report back.

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