Monday, October 1, 2012

France Wishlist

As summer comes to a close and the memories of our lovely summer holiday in Marseillan seem like another world away I like to think of where I'd like to go if time and money would allow. I'm a commited Francophile so my first list is places I still want to see in France.
1.Aqueduc St.Clement nr. Montpelier.
I was in Montpelier this year but didn't make it to this amazing looking structure

2.Gorges du Verdon, Provence.
Tell me this doesn't look amazing.

3.Lyon, for its renowned cuisine.

Do I have to give a reason?

5. Nancy
Meant to be a beautiful city.

6. Albi;
For the Toulouse Lautrec museum.

And finally,
A beautiful medieval town.

More wishlists to follow!

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