Sunday, October 21, 2012

Will iPhone 5 be Number One Google Search this year?

I love lists, and as we start to come towards the close of the year (I know it's only Halloween!), I started thinking about what would be the top Google searches in Ireland for 2012. As a bit of research I looked them up for 2011- I wonder how they will have changed?

'Fastest-Rising' Searches
1) Donedeal
2) iPhone 5 (which didn't even exist)
3) Rugby world cup
4) Saorview (finally here but still rubbish)
5) Pippa Middleton (she'll be way down!)
6) Tayto park (ha ha -that great institution!)
7) Imogen Thomas
8) Galway Races 2011
9) Jessie J
10) Steve Jobs

'Fastest-Rising' People
1) Pippa Middleton ('the bottom', beating her sister by four places . "You might be a Duchess......"
2) Imogen Thomas
3) Jessie J
4) Steve Jobs (the only man in a sea of women- R.I.P)
5) Kate Middleton
6) Casey Anthony
7) Mila Kunis
8) Michaela Harte
9) Kelly Rowland
10) Georgia Salpa

Top Entertainment
1) Sickipedia jokes (admit it- we all love a sick joke)
2) Newstalk listen live (and listening to the news at the same time!)
3) Ryan Dunn
4) Xfactor 2011
5) Google Guitar
6) Big Brother 2011
7) Jedward Eurovision (ahh, those craayzeee young lads-bless 'em)
8) Batman Arkham City
9) Amy Winehouse
10) Movie Star Planet

Top Celebrities: 
1) Kim Kardashian
2) Scarlett Johansson
3) David Beckham (a rose amongst the thorns...oh, sorry the other way round)
4) Jennifer Aniston (finally making wedding plans)
5) Britney Spears
6) Emma Watson
7) Victoria Beckham (must say- looking great in the Karl Lagerfeld photo)
8) Megan Fox
9) Khloe Kardashian
10) Lindsay Lohan

'How To' Searches -for the deep ones out there.
1) How to Shuffle (an iPod you fool..!)
2) How to study
3) How to reference
4) How to pronounce (after me "Dub-er-lin", "fil-um")
5) How to draw
6) How to flirt
7) How to make
8) How to hack
9) How to crotchet (sorry- did I read that right? Is a revival in Irish crochet on the way?)
10) How to meditate (that's after you fail to make the crochet)
'What Is' Searches
1) What is pottermore (sorry? oh, the online Harry Potter website-now you don't have to google it!)
2) What is spooning
3) What is reiki
4) What is ICT
5) What is bipolar
6) What is dubstep (it's from Souf London innit?)
7) What is thrush
8) What is paypal
9) What is zumba (to the left two, three, four)
10) What is mono

Top Shopping Searches
1) Ebay (now with a new logo)
2) iPad (oh let me have one!)
3) Amazon
4) Donedeal
5) Argos (great to see a high street retailer in there-buy your iPad there!)
6) Digital camera
7) iPod
8) Laptop
9) iPhone 4
10) HP Touchpad

Sports- surely this year to be surpassed by Olympic searches
1) GAA Fixtures 2011
2) RWC 2011
3) PGA Leaderboard
4) Irish Open 2011
5) WWE 12
6) 6 Nations 2011
7) Wimbledon 2011
8) Copa America 2011
9) USPGA Leaderboard
10) Rory McIlroy twitter (he only individual sportsman in the list)

Travel Destinations - "it's just for research!!- well that's my line
1) Orlando
2) Disney
3) Caribbean Islands
4) Cancun
5) Barbados
6) Maldives
7) Las Vegas
8) Croatia (the only European destination in the top ten)
9) Manhattan
10) Cayman Islands

So I can't wait to see the list for 2012- who and what do you think will be on it?

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