Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oddsocks Revival in Whelan's

We're here at Whelan's Front Bar on Wexford Street at an Oddsocks Revival gig and the funk soul vibe is filtering through the crowd.

There's no lead singer in Oddsocks; Michael Conefrey on bass seems to take on the bluesy tracks, Luke Mercer is in middle in a floral shirt and Anthony Mannion with the grungy look going on is in his own place and getting lost in the moment. Not to forget those often overlooked in bands, drummer Eoghan O'Kelly.
Anthony tells us they'll sing us a couple of numbers from Willie Dixie, an obvious influence but it's the move then from blues to funk that really brings them back to life - this is their forte. An unusual enough sound in a twenty-something band these days but one that I really love.

A good funk sound with other covers by The Band, Crosby Stills and Nash sounding harmonies and Rory Gallagher, their influences are obviously wide but they have their own sound as shown by their album It's Time, lyric master being Anthony Mannion. Oddsocks Revival- look them up!

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