Saturday, October 6, 2012

Peanut Butter

Do you know how easy it is to make your own peanut butter? No? Neither did I until I read an article on . I was inspired and thought I'd give it a go, and, blow me down, it works, and is de-lish-us!
Just two bags of 200g peanuts, a food processor and a couple of desertspoons of vegetable oil to help it along and hey presto-peanut butter!

If you give it a go, don't worry if seems to be just a finely chopped crumb for a while, it will come together. Save the oil to add after the crumb stage and add a max of about 2 desrtspoons to help it come together, but peanuts do release their own oil and this helps the emulsion. I kept it chunky. Good luck!

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