Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Reservoir Dogs

I watched this most excellent film again the other night and it got me thinking about some of the aspects of it. First is the title. The much-quoted explanaion for this refers to Tarantino's calling the film Au Revoir Les Enfants  'the reservoir film' when he worked in a video shop. Added to the second part of the name of a film he liked by director Sam Pekinpah, Straw Dogs.
The other prominent aspect of the film is the music- in particular the use of music and voice from K-Billy's Super Sounds of the Seventies  radio show. Tarantino's use of music in the film showed his cool taste and reaquainted film goers with some of the best of the 70s. Probably most well known now is the Gerry Raferty track Stuck in the Middle with You with his band Stealers Wheels. The track itself has become as iconic as the film.
Watch it again soon-you won't be disappointed!

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