Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Stuffed Pork

Also in The Metro today from Domini Kemp's new cookery book Domini at Home, is a lovely recipe for stuffed pork. It was in The Irish Times December 2009. It would be lovely served at a dinner party. I don't know if I dare because the special prize for stuffed pork goes to my friend, but I might try to slide this in under the radar and see if anyone says anything! The piece of pork used has virtually no fat, is very lean and is very reasonably priced, often being on special in my supermarket selling for as little as €5.

Roast Pork with Prune, Pine Nut & Spinach Stuffing
(Serves 4-6) Oven 180 degrees, 40 mins roasting time
Important- you need string!!

1 pork fillet
1 onion, diced
2 tbs oil
4 rashers smoked streaky bacon, diced (or packet diced lardons)
2 cloves garlic
150g spinach (about half a bag)
130g stoned prunes, chopped roughly
2 tbsp pine nuts (toast before use in a dry frying pan)
S & P
4-6 slices Parma/ Serrano ham
8-10 shallots
1 tbsp redcurrant jelly

Slice pork lengthways but not all the way through, put between clingfilm and bash with rolling pin to flatten to a rectangle.
Stuffing: Heat oil and sweat chopped onion on low. Raise heat and add bacon frying until crisp. add crushed garlic, spinach, chopped prunes and pine nuts, saueing until spinach wilts. Season and let cool slightly.
Spoon stuffing in straight line down middle of pork, roll up sides and wrap with parma ham. Tie at intervals with string to hold together, about 4 knots. Roast on a tray for about 20 mins.
Whilst roasting, heat up a good knob of butter in a saucepan and sweat the whole peeled shallots until taking a golden colour. When the 20 mins is up add to the roasting tray and smear the pork with the redcurrant jelly, baste with juices, season with pepper and roast for 20 more minutes.
Slice to serve.Yummy!

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