Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The LBJ?

Well we've all heard of the LBD, the Little Black Dress, that fashion stape of any ladies wardrobe (ha ha!), but who's heard of the LBJ- the Little Black Jacket? Apparentlt this to is a fashion staple in Paris and apparently long after the Americans have grabbed their winter gear and the Londoners their Trench coats, the Parisians are still wearing their black jackets, maybe with a sweater and a scarf. In Paris the best value black jacket if you don't have the wonga to invest in Chanel/Lagerfeld is the Comptoire des Cottonierres at 195euro. We'll be on the search then in Penney's!! 

Zip Biker Coat Dunnes Zip Biker Coat €60
SAVIDA Textured Jacket Savida at Dunnes €80
Zip details blazer
Mango €44.99

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