Monday, November 19, 2012

Angel Dust by Sarah Mussi

I've waited a little while since receiving this book to review it, basically, because I had a sixteen year old reading it! You can tell immediately from the cover that this ain't about no ordinary angel. With her hoody and goth eyeliner staring out, this is the Angel of Death.
Angel Dust
Serafina is her name, God's most loved Angel, and of course, they know when people are going to die.  Serafina is sent to collect the souls of the bad lads, those going to Hell- gang members and other just, well, bad people. When on the brink of death, Serafina gives them a second chance to repent from their bad ways and to say they are sorry- if they don't take then, they're goin down.
But this all goes wrong when she falls in love with one of the bad guys, Marcus. He's going to go to Hell, there's no helping him. So Serafina, who's a little innocent and not realising what she's doing, makes a deal with the Devil to delay his time of death. She tries to help Marcus, basically telling him that he has to be good, but being good isn't easy when you have to protect your family-the 'hood'.

Sarah Mussi has put together a great story here. The characters are believable and well described . The story moves along at a good pace to keep the 11-15 year old category of readers absorbed. It's edgy, but at the same time it's an age old love story.
Published by Hot Key Books

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