Friday, November 2, 2012

Free or Cheap Dublin

Welcome! I thought I’d put together a list (I love lists!) of ten things to do for free or very cheaply in Dublin. It always surprises me how people don’t utilise what’s free out there or just plain don’t know about it- so here goes. And don't just skip over the cultural ones-give it a go, you never know you might like it!

Numero uno: The Gallery of Photography on Meeting House Square.

Walk in the door and turn immediately right, saying hi on the way to the impossibly cool photography dude/dudette on the till and head upstairs to the two floored gallery. The thing that’s nice about this gallery is it changes its exhibitions regularly and that there’s just enough not to get bored. Twenty five to thirty mins in and you can say, “Right, that’s enough culture, off to get a hot choc/pint.” 

2. The Screen Cinema, D’Olier Street
It’s round the corner from Grafton Street, it’s scruffy in a comforting kind of way and their website has all that 50s cupcake style going on. They play classic films, student prices are €5 on Mondays, plus if you wanna get all literary on us they stream Shakespeare’s Globe and The Met productions amongst others.

3. Accents cafe on Stephen Street Lwr

Great tasting coffee for €2.50 in a big bowl of a white cup, polite staff, comfy leather sofas plus a book shelf- what’s not to like? They’ve a lounge downstairs where they hold evening events and hobby group meet-ups and are open until 11pm for that late night cuppa ‘n a bun, the owner is trying to promote an alcohol free environment and good luck to her.

4. 'Like' your interests on Facebook

This might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised what’s on offer out there. Discounts, free evenings, specials for ‘friends of’. Anything you’ve a vague interest in- pubs, cafes, comedy nights, galleries-whatever rocks your boat, get them liked and see what comes your way.

5. Who’s on Netflix?

It’s pretty crap yeh, in terms of new films but as per the previous post, like them on Facebook and you’ll get up to the minute info on new series coming to Netflix and when new films are added.

6. First Wednesday
If you’re not working/in college on the first Wednesday of the month, did you know it’s free in to all OPW sites such as Dublin Castle?

7. ...and First Thursdays sees galleries in Temple Bar open in the evening

8. Bewley’s Cafe Theatre on Grafton Street
Relatively cheap (between €8 and €12 depending which day you go), diverse in its programme, price includes a big bowl of soup and brown bread, and if you don’t like it it’s usually over in 45mins-one hour so you haven’t long to wait to leave. In truth these productions are usually great. Intimate and feeling kind of exclusive, you climb up the stairs to the top floor and as the curtains are drawn over Grafton Street at lunchtime, hopefully you’ll think this was money well spent. 

 9. Lunch at The Bailey on Duke Street
Ok, it’s not haute cuisine but tapas (3 ham or chicken croquettes €3.50) + house red wine (€5) + espresso (€1.90) on a day when it’s comfortable enough to sit outside is a cheap enough way to spend an hour watching the comings and goings of Grafton Street whilst watching the handsome waiters from the corner of your eye.

10. It’s raining, you’re broke, and you’ve 45 minutes till you meet your friend
Duh, that’s what first floor Hodges Figgis is for. Comfy couch, exotic travel books, lounge back with a colour photograph book and dream of all those places you’ll never visit.


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