Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Isn't It Well For Ye? The Book of Irish Mammies by Colm O'Regan

Colm O'Regan is a stand-up comedian, columnist and broadcaster and the concept for this book started out as a Twitter account @irishmammies, which had thousands of followers after just a few months, now 50,000. Published by Transworld Ireland and billed as 'an exploration of the phenomenon of the Irish Mammy', this is going to be a very popular stocking filler this Christmas for all those mammies out there.

With a good old rubber water bottle on the cover and comedy in the first page, a cave painting of a hot press and the Ogham script translated as 'A grand bit of drying out', you can quickly see where this book is going. The Irish language is cited as 'ideal for no-nonsense dismissals of messers and wasters' and The Constitution of the House is very funny opening with 'Article I: While you're under this roof...'
There's the 'war on damp', the weather (of course) and the inevitable cough-bottle along with the top five reminiscable diseases, 'Will I ever forget that winter? All three of you had the croup.' The points chatter comes with a Mammy-designed leaving cert exam paper and don't forget the all important messages, 'They're gone very dear in there altogether.'
They're all in here, but I won't quote any more for fear of giving the fun away. It'll be a 'grand bit of fun for them' on Christmas day. Now whether the mammy's will see the humour only you can judge that yourself but you will certainly be having a good ole giggle yourself!

Mammies brain, 'Location of my glasses' at the front, 'WHO DIED' taking up a good part in the middle, 'Airing clothes' and 'General Worrying' at the back.

Published by Transworld Ireland

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