Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Price of Justice by Alan Brenham

Self-publishing is really taking off now. The publicity side is unfortunately a really big part of today's publishing market and without a big publisher behind you it is hard to get your voice heard. But books do break through using Amazon, LinkedIn, Facebook and other web and social sites and if you have the commitment and self-determination to plug away you might just get your name out there.

One book that has recently managed to land on my doorstep came via LinkedIn from an American author, Alan Brenham called Price of Justice.

The summary reads "Set in Austin, Texas, secret agendas, deception, revenge and murder abound when a high profile murder investigation begins to spin out of control. For detective Jason Scarsdale and crime analyst Dani Mueller, the consequences of failure are unimaginable. When his beloved daughter, Shannon, is abducted by the killer and Mueller is kidnapped, Scarsdale faces the ethical dilemma of his career and his life, and is forced to rethink the value of playing by the rules."

Brenham himself served as a detective and then a criminal defense attorney for over twenty years. As with other authors who have come to writing with similar backgrounds, he brings the credibility of language and detail with him, drawing the plot from actual cases worked on.

Each chapter is preceeded by a quote to set the theme, the first being, "There's no way out of the desert except through it", preparing the reader for his journey through the story. And it is a great story. Crime thrillers are not usually my favourite genre, and anything related to child-related crime is a big no no. But this novel was gripping from the word go. Two voices, that of the detective Jason Scarsdale and of the crime analyst Dani Mueller, alternately carry us along the story, revealing and discovering interconnecting pieces of information about past and current crimes. The plot is good and the characters are well rounded and believable. The dialogue between Dani and her parents when she visits them in Germany being all in German on her parents part is a little annoying, but Brenham deals with it satisfactorily. Also, maybe the disguise used by the CEO ring leader (a V for vendetta mask and matador hat) is a tad unbelievable but does not distract from the pacy plot. It is a thoroughly enjoyable read and just as good as many of the crime novels that make it onto the best seller lists.

Price of Justice was published in October 2012 and Alan Brenham has a second book due out this year.
The book can be purchased from and the author can be contacted at

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