Monday, January 7, 2013

Review: Part-Time Writer: Notes and Reflections by Marjorie Quarton

This book is a little treasure- a guide for anyone thinking of writing. Drawing on her extensive experience of writing and being published, Marjorie Quarton manages in her encouraging and instructive way to convince you that "you too could write".

The book has a foreword by Diana Athill who was at one time Marjorie Quarton's publisher, and is also author of her own memoir Somewhere Towards the End which won the Costa Prize in 2008.
Marjorie Quarton was born in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary and did not start writing until she was in her 50s, going on to write several novels and two volumes of memoirs as well as children's books and works of non-fiction.

What Marjorie Quarton brings to the table on the subject of writing is sound no-nonsense advice. She reflects on her own experiences and at the same time imparts her knowledge of preparation, characterization, dialogue and getting down to writing a novel.

This is not a newly published book, being first published in 2010, but it is certainly one to recommend and if you are thinking of joining that great vast number of would-be writers out there you would not go far wrong by investing in a copy of Marjory's book to guide you on your way.

Published by The Lilliput Press

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