Thursday, January 24, 2013

Showcase Select at The Gallery of Photography

As we all start to emerge out of our post-Christmas and frugal-January hibernation we can start to think about getting back into visiting galleries, theatre going, early-bird meals and other things that lift us from the everyday humdrum.

Showcase Select at The Gallery of Photography in Meeting House Square has been extended to February 10th and is well worth a visit. Featuring the works of the five best contemporary photographers in Ireland shortlisted for SHOWCASE 2012, Ireland's Contemporary Photography Award.
Richard Gilligan was covered in this blog back in October

"Alberto Maserin’s dramatic portraits of priests highlight the transformative power of visual theatre in Catholic ritual.
Ann Marie Curran’s beautifully restrained images transform unfinished buildings into meditations on space, surface and light. 
Martin Cregg captures the quiet drama and telling details of the learning process in a finely judged portrait of a photography course. 
Richard Gilligan celebrates an authentic, sculptural expression in the temporary skateruns constructed by skateboarders. The work celebrates the DIY aesthetic of this often misunderstood contemporary subculture. 
Ciarán Óg Arnold’s compelling, black and white images portray the harsh and tender dramas of ordinary life in a midlands town."

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