Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Dublin Pubspotter's Guide by Mac Moloney

What's not to like in a book with a title like this?! According to Mac Moloney there are over 900 pubs in Dublin city and county and over the past ten years he has visited every one at least four times and has photographed every one. Now, if this was me I don't know if I'd be bragging about it! but from his research Mac has produce a unique guide with a photo and short guide to each pub.

Born in Dublin, his father worked in Dublin pubs and Mac worked in and managed pubs in London before becoming a black taxi driver. Rather optimistically he suggests that, were we to visit ten pubs a week (every weeknight night and five at the weekend?) it would take two years to visit every pub and hotel bar in Dublin. I won't be trying to match that challenge, but from this guide I will be trying out some new drinking establishments.

With a history of pubs and the different types of bars and pubs (inns, early houses, wine bars etc), the book is then divided into an alphabetical listing of  pubs in North and South City Centre, North and South Dublin suburbs, and North, South and West County Dublin. Descriptions of the towns in each area precede the subsections. So the book is well organised and very easy to use in this format, as well as having an index for quick reference and the name, address, phone number, email and web address where available accompanying the short description. If the book owner so wishes, there is a date gap to be filled in when the pub is visited.

  Mac Moloney, author.

The only thing that could possibly be said to be missing  from this very extensive and well researched guide is some kind of map. If you are unfamiliar with a certain area of Dublin there is a need to go away and look up the address. Reading about my local pubs, the information was all accurate and it included a relatively recently opened bar.

I don't know how often this would be referred to in the normal household, but in guesthouses, hotel bookshelves and other visitor establishments I can see a great market for such a guide. Congratulations should be forthcoming to Mac Moloney for compiling such an extensive guide  and for creating a new addition to the Dublin guidebook repertoire.

The Dublin Pubspotter's Guide is published by A and A Farmar.


  1. I would certainly like to have this guide to pubs. All the Dublin pubs seems to be busier in the month of Sept-Feb, is that a tourist season over there? Last time when I was in cayman, I noticed a very familiar atmosphere in bars and restaurants, does Dublin offer same?

    1. Hi Bob, it is a good guide. A lot of tourists visit off-season, I guess hotels offer good prices then. Dublin pubs are busy ALL the time! You can buy the guide from the A&A Farmar website and the author has a facebook page
      Thanks for posting,

  2. Valuable information on pubs! My friend had his honeymoon in Dublin, it was a quiet and romantic place, although the temperature was below normal and they were freezing but still the enjoyment and warmth of place kept them wanting more and more, now I am also looking for a comprehensive Dublin Guide to find more.

    1. Hi Jayne, a lot of good information is on websites but I particularly like the Phaidon Wallpaper guides. They are concise and you can visit all the suggested places in a weekend. Good luck.