Thursday, February 7, 2013

Don't Let Me Go by Susan Lewis

Susan Lewis is the best-selling author of twenty-nine novels and two memoirs - this is no mean feat. Her most recent novel is Don't Let Me Go to be published in paperback on 14th February.

Charlotte has a secret. Escaping to New Zealand with her little daughter Chloe to build a new life with her newly found birth mother and her husband, the idyllic setting does little to allay her fears. Chloe has been traumatised by experiences at the hand of her father and is both clingy with her mother and suspicious of all men except Charlotte's half-brother Rick. Rick is engaged to be married and has his own secrets which he has to find a way to reveal to his fiancée and father. But as we all know, there is no hiding from the past, and in all the best stories it finds its way to come back and haunt you. Charlotte and Rick's fiancée Katie do not see eye to eye, and a little Internet searching allows Katie to learn something of Charlotte's past.
The emphasis on Charlotte's protectiveness towards her daughter Chloe in the opening chapters does get a little wearying after a while; to comfort her and rebuild her confidence her every need is pandered to and this became a bit annoying. But ultimately the novel is about the return of Charlotte's nightmare and this builds into an absorbing story.

Susan Lewis's book is more than chick-lit - that much disparaged phrase used by book snobs. Once you get beyond the idyllic setting and the family relationships this book addresses the serious subject of child pornography and as the story progresses it develops into a good thriller. Susan Lewis has a huge following and I am sure that this book will be just as well received by them.
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Don't Let Me Go is published by Century, a division of Random House.


  1. I just started reading this book after finishing Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. So excited - will be my first Susan Lewis book.