Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dublin City of Literature by Muriel Bolger

Now this is my kinda book! Muriel Bolger has put together a guide book to Dublin based on the writers, books, literary awards and literary festivals that are associated with the great city. Published by The O'Brien Press it is an absolute treasure for trailing around the city finding authors birthplaces and locations from their books but also a great reference book to just sit back and browse through. It's been out over a year but I hadn't seen it and it has just been awarded the title of 'Best Travel Book' at the Travel Extra Journalists of the Year Awards. So congratulations to Muriel Bolger.
Book Cover
The book has four mapped tours around the city; Dublin Writers' Museum to O'Connell Street, St.Patrick's Cathedral to Westland Row, Shaw's Birthplace to Camden Street and The National Gallery to Lower Baggot Street. The maps are very clear, each one having between 29 and 60 points of interest to view on the walk some of which could be spread over several visits if they include museums or galleries. For example, the first three stops on Route 1 take you to the Dublin Writers' Museum on Parnell Square North, moves on to Irish Writers' Centre next door and then in to The Garden of Remembrance in the square itself, where Muriel Bolger explains about the contest held in 1976 for the poem We Saw A Vision by Liam Mac Uistin which is written in Irish, English and French on the wall of the monument.

As well as the extremely informative tours, the book has an A to Z of writers past and present "who were born, lived, were educated in, wrote or worked in Dublin, as well as those who adopted Dublin temporarily or permanently". Other information that is gathered here is; Library Venues and Museums, Libraries of Note and  Theatres, which are visited on the four tours. Also Literary Awards and Festivals and Literary Awards and Walks.
Muriel Bolger
Muriel Bolger has done a great job in producing such a wealth of information about literary Dublin. This is a guide for visitors and locals alike, who will all find masses of unknown facts about Dublin and its literary history.

Published by The O'Brien Press

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