Monday, February 18, 2013

'From This Moment on' by Colette Caddle

'From This Moment On' is Dublin born Colette Caddle's thirteenth novel following twelve bestsellers. For an author who came to writing as she says "late in life" after finding office life boring, she has certainly made up for lost time. Her latest novel tells the story of just how difficult it can be to deal with harassment when it occurs in small town Ireland and comes from a member of a powerful local family.

Lynn Stephen's had her dream job working in a local four-star hotel. She is good at what she does and works hard. But she hadn't banked on a run in with her boss Vincent Boland, and when, instead of backing down as he expects she stands up to him this causes her to lose her job. Dealt with legally and settled out of court this should be the end of her troubles. But Lynn has been upset emotionally and is the shadow of her previous character. Unable to even chat with local people in her father's supermarket without becoming a shaking wreck she has been prescribed anti-depressants and is seeing a psychiatrist. Her boyfriend is the rock that she leans on and without his support she would never have made it as far as she has, and things certainly seem to be slowly improving. Is is possible that on Vincent's banishment by his uncle to manage another family hotel as a ticking off for causing trouble that Lynn can finally put the whole incident behind her, or like all events that have not been completely explained, will it rear it's ugly head again and return to haunt her?


Colette Caddle captures the sometimes claustrophobic atmosphere of small town; everyone knows each others business almost before it has happened and certain families rule the roost. The characters in the novel cover all types including the considerate friend, the devoted father, the protective boyfriend and the power hungry young boss.  Colette Caddle has a dedicated readership and they will not be disappointed by her latest story.

From This Moment On is published Simon and Schuster

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