Saturday, February 16, 2013

In Dublin? Visit the Royal Hibernian Gallery

The Royal Hibernian Gallery always has great exhibitions and the current ones are no exception. With six exhibiting areas you can see a wide range of styles and size of exhibits and those showing at present are diverse and rewarding.

On entering the reception area the visitor can see three pieces from Anita Groener, a Dutch artist living in Dublin, entitled State. To the left  is a most impressive circular installation on the gallery wall made up of over 1900 minute black paper silhouettes of figures pinned in a circular design. The line of the pin and the figures shadow is painted onto the wall and there is also the lighter actual shadow. It is a monumental piece that demands attention from the viewer.

To the right are two further pieces. Moon and Land, a wall projection of a tiny moon onto a black cloud background that if you watch it shows its changing phases. In front of this wall is a drawing with a single pin. Enigmatic and thought provoking, these pieces are worth a visit to the gallery alone.

You can see more of Anita Groener's work at and the exhibition runs until the end of April.

Also at the RHA until the 24th February is a major exhibition of the work of Antrim born artist Basil Blackshaw and if you are an admirer of his huge canvases and horse paintings, then this is an exhibition you will not want to miss. Showing in the main upstairs gallery, the wide open space is perfect to appreciate Blackshaw's large canvas works. The works have been chosen by Blackshaw and represent his favourites and along with the more well known horse paintings are a fine collection of portraits.
The Fall from a private collection, captures the moment that the jockey tumbles over the speeding racehorse's head and produced in monochrome colours it perfectly displays the speed as the jockey is unseated. Another favourite, Night Rider, is dark and brown and moody as the white horse and his moustachioed rider look at you out of the canvas.

Also showing at the RHA are Richter and Polke with works from the Kuntsmuseen Krefeld, Justin Larkey and Vivienne Roche.

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