Friday, February 15, 2013

Indie Bound - New Book Website

I've just discovered this great new book recommendation website. It's called 'Indie Bound' and on the face of it might not seem very Dublin related, but wait, there's more!
Find your local independent...
'Indie Bound' describes itself as "the antidote to algorithm and chart-led book recommendations, they are made especially for you. To ask for the perfect, personal book recommendation, just click through to our Facebook page where a local bookseller will be happy to help you".

The website is at as well as this lovely photo collection of independent booksellers.

IndieBound Book Recommendations - Bookshops

Current book recommendations on the home page are from our very own Dubray books and a search found a very healthy 55 bookshops registered with the site within 10 miles of Dublin.

An ongoing argument in our house is the continued need for support of high street bookshops (local business, joy of browsing, finding unexpected books, price of two pints equals one new paperback) versus shopping for books online (cheaper, convenient, delivered to your door). This new idea of an online personal service of a recommendation from your local bookshop without leaving your home brings together the two.

Click on 'ASK' and it will lead you to their Facebook page where you can enter your request.


  1. Thanks for highlighting a new source for books! Found your blog today through a tweet related to the book, The Istanbul Puzzle. Since I'm a regular visitor to Dublin, I've signed up to follow you via Google Friend Connect. I invite you to look at my blog and follow if you'd like to:


  2. Hi Catherine,yes-new sources for buying books away from the big online giant are always to be encouraged. Let's hope it takes off. There has been a lot of interest in Laurence O'Bryan's book 'The Istanbul Puzzle' and I am looking forward to seeing the follow-up 'The New York Puzzle'. I hope that you enjoy your visits to Dublin and thanks for following me-spread the word!