Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nigella goes neon in the US

I'm a complete Nigella fan and even though she completely camps it up for her TV shows now, I still love to watch her oohing and aahing over her delicious food creations and then sharing it amongst her arty-farty friends of high end west London. This photo taken of her in New York after the launch of Nigellissima at Barnes and Noble is great.


Many of her recipes have now become staples in my cooking repertoire, in particular some of the more good basic recipes such as Madeira cake and dinner rolls. Her brownie recipe is, dare I say it, the best one around and her basic advice of 60g caster to every egg for meringues means you can increase the amount up or down without worry.

She might have had a bit of work done recently but she's an attractive woman and allowed to be vain, as long as she doesn't go down the Jackie Stallone route.

Nigellissima is published by Chatto and Windus

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