Friday, March 15, 2013

Love and the Goddess by Mary Elizabeth Coen

Love and the Goddess is Mary E. Coen's first work of fiction having worked as a teacher and a PR consultant and has set up a website to complement it where she shares her love of cookery, fashion, mythology and blogs It's almost ironic that I started this book on March 8th, International Women's Day because the main character, Kate, is one who finds herself empowered after her very smart and finicky older husband pushes her aside for a new model.


Love and the Goddess addresses that problem that is faced by separated and divorced adults of how you go about coming to terms with your new situation and how you meet new people. Kate Canavan is a woman that has been hiding her inner self in order to please and conform to her husband's expectations. His bombshell request for a divorce coincides with her student daughter's departure for Boston for a three month placement with a law firm which leaves Kate to have time alone to consider her new life. Whilst some encourage her to take time to be alone with her thoughts and to consider her real feelings about herself as a person, her best friend Ella encourages her to get right out there immediately and to sample the new world to Kate of Internet dating. So sets the scene for some disastrous dates and some which show early potential. It is a world that some readers will relate to and even those unfamiliar with the process will find equally funny, sad and sometimes downright disturbing. Overall however, Kate's attitude to her situation is one that is inspirational through the positive attitude she seems able to bring to it.
Kate's love of mythology carries through the novel, in particular with her online identity of 'Persephone' and two other Goddesses  Also ever present is her openness to a more alternative holistic approach to life. This makes itself known when Kate's health is called into question and she takes control in an unconventional manner as her voyage of self-discovery takes her far from her native Galway home .


Mary E. Coen's book Love and the Goddess is a very enjoyable read. The main character Kate is most likeable and her friend Ella the perfect foil with her lighter more playful approach to life. It has been self-published and is for sale on Amazon, at Easons and Dubray bookshops and online at Kennys Bookshop (free post).

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