Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Trace Two- Different worlds, one story.

I came across this on the CFCP (Centre for Creative Practices mailing and think it is a really nice idea. 'Trace Two' is a photographic project developed by CFCP in conjunction with Dublin City Council's Office for Integration.
   "CFCP’s TraceTwo Project is a home to migrants living in Ireland, bringing them together through photography. Shared images allow people to glimpse different cities and environments whilst defining the similarities among culture, architecture and people in different parts of the world with their relationship to the host country."


Basically, you register to the website . From there you can upload two images from different countries, distant places or time that have some similarity, as in the photo above. You can also add a photo to an existing one and create a new similarity. The project is Dublin based (CFCP are at 15 Pembroke Street Lower, D2) and aims to connect people through photography.

As it's a new project there aren't that many photos uploaded yet but it looks like it could be really interesting to follow.

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