Monday, April 8, 2013

Review: Eloise by Judy Finnigan (Published 31 March 2013 U Magazine)

We all know Judy Finnigan; TV personality, wife of Richard and champion with him of the ‘Richard and Judy Book Club’. But what do we know about Judy Finnigan the author? Eloise published by Sphere is her first novel and is out now in paperback.

Inspired by the untimely death of her good friend Caron Keating and set in Cornwall where Judy has a second home, Eloise tells the story of Cathy as she comes to terms with the death from cancer of her good friend Ellie. But Cathy is ‘fragile’, as her husband Chris frequently reminds her, and when she starts hearing Ellie talk to her in her dreams warning her that all is not right her determination to get to the bottom of questions about Ellie’s death tip her over the edge again.

With touches of du Maurier’s Rebecca, Judy Finnigan certainly has the ability to tell a mysterious, ghostly story with a satisfying number of surprises and a good revelation towards the end. Some aspects become a little repetitive, such as the constant reminder of Cathy’s fragile state of mind and also her husband Chris’s frequent journey’s up and down from London where he is an eminent psychiatrist to come to Cathy’s rescue or to threaten to take her back with him. Despite these slight niggles, Judy tells a good story and her knowledge of the area where it is set adds credibility to the tale.

By her name alone this book will draw many readers to buy it and give it a go and they will not be disappointed and we will all be on the look out to see where Judy Finnigan goes next in her dive into the world of authorship. 

Published by Sphere, an imprint of Little, Brown Book Group 

(This review first appeared in U Magazine, 31-3-2013) 

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