Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tayto Cheese and Onion Milk Chocolate - Love it or hate it???

I love cheese and onion Tayto and I love milk chocolate, but cheese and onion milk chocolate? Nah, it's just wrong! Despite this, apparently the nation asked why and Tayto replied " Why not!" - a milk chocolate bar with cheese and onion crisps!

Announced today, the arrival (much anticipated apparently) of a "milk chocolate bar with crispy morsels of ...Tayto Cheese and Onion". I think they can't stay crunchy surely, and the idea of stale crisps in your choccy is too much to bear. But I know I'll end up buying a bar! Especially as it's a limited edition. Maybe if I buy a bar and stash it away in the back of the cupboard I will find it again in ten years time and make tons of money selling it on ebay?

All joking aside, the chocolate bar has been made by Butlers Chocolates so how bad can it be? A plain bar of chocolate has been for sale over the last year with the Mr. Tayto picture on the wrapper. Tayto report that " A strong viral campaign and thousands of emails, tweets and Facebook posts begging Tayto to make the perfect chocolate crisp bar has resulted in Tayto creating a milk bar of chocolate with contains delicious pieces of Tayto's famous Cheese and Onion crisps.

Just finally, there are only 100,000 bars in circulation around the country so if this idea grabs your fancy buy one when you see it!


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