Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Exchequer Gastropub Announces New Cocktail Menu

I am a great fan of The Exchequer €6 cocktail of the week offer. It's a great way to try new cocktails and they are always beautifully presented. A press release has just been received by the Duchess about a new cocktail menu which sounds just delish!

"Award winning Gastropub The Exchequer has cause to celebrate this week! The launch of a brand new cocktail menu and inclusion in The 100 Best Restaurants in Ireland 2013.  New to The Exchequer team is Bar Manager and Mixologist Robert Caldwell, who has devised an exciting new cocktail selection, presented old style in ‘The Ledger of Liquor’ but delivering 32 brand new and intriguing mixes, under the chapter headings of Aperitifs, Digestifs, Long Drinks and Concoctions. 

The ‘Ledger of Liquor’ has the look of an medieval alchemist’s pamphlet, and many surprises lie between its pages. Arguably the star of the show is the ‘The Key Lime Pie Meringue Martini’ (€9) – A digestive biscuit rimmed glass with a key lime liquid base of Citrus Vodka, Vanilla Vodka, Lemon juice, Sicilian lemonade and lemon pie sugar topped with a floating island of flambéed meringue foam. ‘The Invisible Iced Tea’ (€11) is a real curiosity – an Exchequer take on the traditional Long Island Iced Tea, but served up completely clear. For sheer taste and theatre the ‘Zombie’ (€11) has it all - an intense mix of 7 liquors, including 4 Rums, an orange tequila, marachino liqueur and absinthe with fruit juices and light dusting of cinnamon and nutmeg finished off with a floating lime half filled with fire. 
Zombie.jpg  KeyLimePieMeringueMartini2.jpg         SmokeyOldFashioned.jpg

Robert, originally from Byron Bay in Australia, travelled the world bartending in a range of bars, from specialist to tourist and trendsetting to traditional. Given the chance to overhaul The Exchequer’s cocktail offering, he didn’t hesitate, spending three months perfecting ‘The Ledger of Liquor’.  

The classic bar offerings have been dusted off and updated too. An eclectic selection of Gin, Rum, Vodka, Tequila, Irish and imported whiskeys round out the ledger. Always a passion at The Exchequer, their loyal beer loving clientele will find much to enjoy from the 43 beers listed, which include Pale, Amber, Wheat, Ale, Blonde, Lambics, Gluten Free, Stout, Pilsner, Cider and Draught. 

The Exchequer Gastropub. 3-5 Exchequer Street, Dublin 2, T: 01-670 6787 or or or @TheExchequer

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