Wednesday, May 8, 2013

BREADBOY Teenage Kicks and Tatey Bread - What Paperboy Did Next by Tony Macaulay

This is a grand wee book so it is!  It is in his colloquial Belfast voice that Tony tells the story of growing up on the Shankill Road. It is 1977, Elvis is dead and even Big Duff, the hard man of the paramilitary is seen to shed a tear. On his bread round in Leslie's van brings him in contact with all members of the community and as a teenage pacifist Tony tries to take everyone as they come. Culture is on the edge of the punk explosion- we experience the Saturday Night Fever and Grease mania at the Westy disco DJ'd by Tony's dad before disco dies for a new expression.

Breadboy is just alive with the culture of the late 70s. It's got the music, the TV programmes, the movies, the changing fashions and even the food (fish fingers and smash). For anyone who grew up in these years  this book is just spot on with its innocence and excitement. You'll nod your head and chuckle at references to the films you watched and the aftershave or perfume you wore (Denim or Charlie!). Despite the backdrop of the 'The Troubles' and its ever present threat to the community, this is merely an aside to Tony's job delivering bread from the Ormo Mini-Shop and his aim of making Judy Carlton fall in love with him.

This is Tony's sequel to his first book Paperboy. Growing up on the Shankill Road he has worked for many years for peace and reconciliation and is a writer, broadcaster and contributor to BBC Radio Ulster. His humour and his voice call off the pages to the reader to laugh and share the story of a teenage boy as he grows up in the shadow of sectarianism but who puts all this aside for the Bee Gees, Star Wars, Wonder Woman Lynda  Carter and Farrah Fawcett Majors.

Breadboy is published by Blackstaff Press 

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