Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lobster at Dublin's Brasserie Sixty6

If you are a lobster fan or have just always fancied trying it then Brasserie Sixty6 on Dublin's South Great George's Street is the place for you this summer. The specially designed 'Lobster Menu' for their Summer Lobster Festival has allowed for all tastes. Prepared five ways, every preference is catered for.

The traditional lobster bisque, which can be boosted with a shot of brandy is there as a starter as is a chilled salad of lobster claws or lobster risotto which comes with a poached lobster tail (hold me back!)

Mains are lobster with tempura claws, thick cut chips and curry aioli (swoon!) and soy glazed pork and lobster claw with lobster mayonnaise.

If that's not enough, the desserts of pecan pie, banana and passion fruit mille-feuille, poached pear, lemon and chocolate Eton mess, chocolate panna cotta, coconut cream pie and New York cheesecake are enough to make this girl run to the cupboard to get baking to satisfy the mouth-watering need for pudding.

Brasserie Sixty6, South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2

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