Sunday, June 2, 2013

Retro Sweets

I'm a sweet lover- let me state that fact now. By that I mean sweeties; gums, toffee bonbons, chewy fruit sweets, you get the picture. Chocolate is nice, especially that lime Áine plain chocolate, but I'm not going to get excited about a Mars bar. Sweets mean those ones that come in swing bags and you seem to be able to scoff in huge quantities without coming over all sick like you do with chocolate. So now we are straight on that let me get to the point.

I recently bought a pack of four sherbet fountains. Ooh, the anticipation of opening them was immense. The thought of the lovely stiff stick of licorice, the sherbet sticking with each re-dip. The reality was just one big disappointment. You see if you are going to re-introduce sweets they have to be as they were, and this sherbet fountain was not as it was.

 Exhibit 1- new sherbet fountain

  Exhibit 2 - old sherbet fountain

Now, the subtle differences between these two fountains are all important. As a result I suppose of some type of health and safety food regulation the licorice is now inside a hermetically sealed plastic container with a fakey looking black plastic tip to mimic the licorice that used to stick out the top. This issue overcome and the lid twisted off, the licorice stick is kind of thinner and more bendy, not up to repeated sucking and dipping into the sherbet. Complaint number three is the supposedly improved plastic tube. Half the fun of eating a sherbet fountain was when the top paper got all soggy with the constant repeated dips and tinged with black goo. This resulted in a tearing off of half the cardboard to reveal the sherbet stuck in the bottom so that you could have a good ole prod and dig at it. This is no longer possible in the rigid plastic tube and you end up either tipping it out and risking choking as the dust shoots down your throat or just abandoning the project halfway.

So, new design of sherbet fountain - "nil point" as they say in Eurovision. So glad I got that out of my system!


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