Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dublin vs Cork - The Duchess of both Counties?

Tapping away in this virtual world, other Bloggers will testify to the pleasure of reader feedback and comments to confirm that someone out there a) is reading your words and b) that they liked it enough to comment. Authors and publishers are frequently kind enough to acknowledge and thank on Facebook and Twitter links to the blog post. However, this week I had a most pleasant comment from a Twitter follower about this blog and not wanting to blow my own trumpet I hope the author of this comment will not mind me repeating it below;

  1. Due to hard work and talent has become an influential figure in Irish literature and publishing. Pity she is not Cork Duchess
    Image will appear as a link
  2. What a great compliment- the Duchess is blushing!
  3. You are very welcome, your blog is always worth browsing and reading now and then

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