Monday, July 29, 2013

Mad About You by Sinéad Moriarty

Mad About You, published this week, is the new novel by the Irish best selling author Sinéad Moriarty. With a hoard of followers, devoted readers and new ones will enjoy Sinéad's light-hearted, but with a darker twist, story about Emma and James Hamilton's move to London from Dublin where James is to take up the position of Coach to the London Irish rugby team.

Arriving in Putney in south-west London along with their adopted son Yuri and own younger daughter Lara, Emma is nervous about making new friends and finding her feet. Her neighbours are welcoming, recommending childminders and offering advice and her sister who is a television presenter finds her a job almost immediately.

This is a good read that many readers will enjoy. Sinéad's sales testify to her popularity and fans of her writing will not be disappointed. I had a few niggles with Sinead's description about London locations. The recommendation by Emma's sister to move to a "Soho loft" is just not something that exists- very few people live in Soho and lofts are something that exist in SoHo, New York not Soho in London's West End. Also, Putney where they move to would hardly be described as a "village" more a major London suburb. In addition, it is a long time since I read of a character responding with the phrase "yikes", maybe not since I read The Famous Five! All of that aside, Mad About You is a good read and one with likeable and interesting characters.

Mad About You is published by Penguin Books

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