Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sick of the Heat? Rent a Movie-Top Summer DVD's

Come on - you can tell me. You're feeling a bit hot and would rather come in out of the sun. There now- now you've said don't you feel better? We are all loving this most un-Irish heatwave but at some stage you have to come in out of the sun. Saturdays spent sunning ourselves in the garden are all very nice but two and three weekends on the trot? Here now, this is a bit much!

Well despite rumours that Xtravision was closing down, they are still crawling along and at the moment are running a most excellent Summer Pass offer of one months rental of  DVD's and games for €20 for 31 days from purchase. You can rent two at a time and the last date for sign up is the 31st July. Rental is for one night only but you can renew it. I know everyone streams/ downloads movies now but for the price of less than four regular rentals and a guaranteed good quality movie I think this is a really good offer. Details here

Wanting to make the most of my 'Summer Pass' I have made a list of the movies I want to rent between now and the end of August. Long term plan looks like this;
-go to work
-come home to guaranteed sunny evening
-quick supper of no more than 10 minutes prep
-retire to sitting room to watch rented DVD picked up by kids from list during the day (sure what else have they to do all day with such stupidly long holidays?)

My list at present is looking like this- recommendations accepted of movies available from Xtravision or warnings that a film on the planner is not worth my planned evening's time.
1. Good Vibrations
2. Side Effects
3.Welcome to the Punch (?? maybe/maybe not)
4. Arbitrage
5. The Assassination (Bruce Willis- could be crap?)
6. Stoker
7. Oz the Great and Powerful
8. Cloud Atlas
9. Mama (too scary? I'm a wuzz)
10. Hitchcock (had poor reviews but worth a look?)
11. Give it a Year
12. Warm Bodies
13. The Last Stand (Schwarzenegger- give it a look)
14. What Richard Did
15. The Impossible
16. Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
17. Anna Karenina (strong dislike of pout-ey Knieghtly but interested to see how the book was adapted)
18. Lincoln (heavy going but won so many awards feel obliged to give it a go)
19. Ill Manners
20. Trance
21. Seven Psychopaths
22. Ted
23. Pitch Perfect (recommended by my daughters)
24. Marvel Avengers
25. Warrior

Enjoy the rest of this fabulous weather!

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