Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Street Performance World Championships 2013

Next weekend (12th, 13th and 14th July) sees the 2013 Street Performance World Championships descend upon Dublin's Merrion Square. Quite simply it is a great day out, and it's free! Starting at 12noon on Friday it continues over the whole weekend with several repetitions of acts. For a full timetable see here

With a fairground roundabout, food areas, a buskers stage, a kid's court and a 'layabout area' as well as all the acts that are going on, it is a well organised event and weather permitting, a great day for all.

There are 16 act that will be competing over the weekend from the UK, Europe, the US and Canada, New Zealand,  Australia and Japan;

Nigel Blackstorm- a heavy metal magician!
Lords of Strut- leotard wearing eejits
Red Trouser Show- acrobatic knife and fire juggling
Rubberband Boy-facial contortions and straitjacket escape
Senmaru- a Japanese acrobat tea-pourer?
The Chairmen- something clever with white plastic chairs?!
The Doogans- a juggling duo
Zap Circus- Fire, acrobatics, circus and comedy
Alakazam- contortionist with feats of danger
Ernest the Magnifico- the name says it all, a moustachioed dangerous stuntman
Cirque No Problem- last years winners, with acrobatics, clowning, juggling and balancing
B-Xtreme- a cool hip-hop break dance troupe
Rob Torres- a silent miming comedian
Bellatrix- beat boxing world championship
Miss Behave- a sexy sword swallower
Pancho Libre- a high flying stunt man.

Pancho Libre MexicoAlakazam street preformer
Red Trouser Show USAErnest the Magnifico Australia     

All these details and more are on

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