Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dublin Horse Show - 7th-11th August 2013

The Dublin Horse Show is always a great day out for all ages. You can go for the swanky corporate option if you have friends in high places, the mid-level option of paying for terrace seats if you want to have a bit of comfort or rough it with the stable lads and lassies by climbing up into the corner concrete public stand at the cheapest ticket entry level. Needless to say we always slum it, putting up umbrellas or sheltering under a tree if the heavens open and generally getting very excited at the speed trials and when the wall rises higher and higher for the Puissance.
 RDS Dublin Horse Show
On the outer rings some of the smaller events are worth planning in to the day. Dressage events are always impressive as the riders so skillfully handle the horses. But dressage and show jumping whilst riding side saddle is rarely seen these days and is to be presented at this years show. Along with the skill of riding in this manner the demonstration will show a variety of different habits in the strict dress code and inform about the traditions and history.

Displays will be performed by a team of side saddle riders led by Susan Oakes from Co. Meath on her horse SIEC Atlas at the show on Thursday 8th at 1.55pm in Ring 2 and Sunday 11th at 1.15pm in Ring 1. Susan is the current world record holder of the British and Irish side saddle high jump. Another reason to make your way to the outer rings during this event is that it has been sponsored by Lindt and the Lindor team will be handing out praline chocolates throughout the entire show!

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