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Any good at Haikus? The Royal Canal Haiku Competition 2013

Ever written a Haiku? Ever wanted to write one? Well how about entering a competition to challenge and broadcast your talents. The common practices of Haiku are the use of three lines and seventeen syllables (usually 5-7-5) to create a short poem with allusion to nature or the seasons. But not all haiku adhere to this strict syllable count and many variations can be found.

The Royal Canal Haiku Competition 2013,
in association with Haiku Ireland
Haiku Ireland ( are delighted to announce the launch of a Haiku Competition in association with the Dublin City North Volunteer Centre (
The Centre is planning a Royal Canal Day on Saturday 12 October 2013, which will involve cleaning up the canal as well as celebrating the life and local stories of the canal. For this event, it has been decided to hold a haiku competition on the following theme: canal and city waterways.
Prizes (cash and haiku publications) will be awarded to the winners and the winning haiku will be painted on a wall along the canal.
1. Rules
1.1 Applicants
Eligibility: this competition is open to all (judges excluded) and there is no submission fee.
1.2 Theme
The theme for all entries is canal and city waterways. These words do not have to be in the entry but the theme is to be present in all entries.
1.3 Entries
All entries must be submitted by e-mail to the following address with the following subject: Royal Canal Haiku Competition 2013.

-The author's full name, age and postal address must be included.
-Each applicant can enter up to three haiku poems, in one single e-mail posting.
-Entries may be submitted in any language but an English version must be provided. Judges will determine the winners based on English-language versions. All rights revert to the authors after publication of the results.
-All entries must be original to the author and cannot have been previously published. Haiku submissions to this competition cannot be sent to any other publications for consideration until after the announcement of the winners (12 October 2013). Publication is defined as an appearance in a printed book, magazine, or journal (sold or given away), or in any online journal that presents edited periodic content.

2. Deadline
Entries must comply with the above rules and be received by 30 September 2013 (midnight, GMT).

3.         Judges
Gilles Fabre. Gilles Fabre is the editor of the independent bilingual site Haiku Spirit and his haiku have been published in Ireland, France, UK, USA, Japan, Australia, Belgium, India and Canada. Gilles is a founder member of Haiku Ireland and has won the Museum of Haiku Literature Award (British Haiku Society). Because of a Seagull, his first collection published by the Fishing Cat Press, received international critical acclaim.
Maeve O'Sullivan 
Maeve O'Sullivan. Maeve O'Sullivan has published her haiku and poems very widely, and some have won awards and been anthologised. Her first collection of haiku, Initial Response, was published in 2011 by Alba Publishing and was well-received. Her second collection, Changing the River, will be forthcoming from Alba in 2014. Maeve is a founder member of Haiku Ireland and conducts workshops in haiku with adults and children.

4. Prizes
The winners' results are to be announced on October 12, 2013.
Grand Prize to one winner: €100, and a selection of haiku publications. The winning haiku will be painted on a wall along the canal (by entering the competition, the applicant agrees to this). Second Prize: €50, and a selection of haiku publications. Third Prize: €25, and a selection of haiku publications.

5. Haiku Guidelines
Entries do not need to follow a strict syllable count or to be in three lines. A haiku is a short poem that conveys the essence of an experience of nature or the season intuitively linked to the human condition. Visit Haiku Spirit ( for more information on haiku, samples and links.
6. Suggested Entry Format
This suggested format includes all requested information.
E-mail subject: Royal Canal Haiku Competition 2013
E-mail text body: 
Full name (i.e. name/surname and first name):
Postal Address (including country of residence):
E-mail address:
Entries (maximum of 3):



English version of Entry 1 (if applicable):




English version of Entry 2 (if applicable):



English version of Entry 3 (if applicable)


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