Thursday, September 19, 2013

FRED & ALICE; Love in the time of OCD

I love Bewley's Cafe Theatre. There's always something thrilling about the way the curtain is pulled across the window overlooking Grafton Street and as the rest of the shoppers and office workers on their lunch hour carry on with their day you are transported to another place through the story told on the small stage. There's also something special about the way you are gathered casually around tables often sharing with a second or third stranger, soup and brown bread is eaten, the play lasts between 45 minutes and an hour and then "hey presto", you are back on Grafton Street joining the crowds again who are oblivious to your lunchtime experience.

Cora Fenton has been in touch recently to promote her soon to be performed show at Bewley's Cafe Theatre. Showing from Monday 23rd September through to Saturday 12th October at 1pm, tickets priced between €10 and €12 can be booked on or at 086 878 4001.

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