Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Vegetarian in Dublin...Follow my Steps!

With the imminent arrival of a friend from 'down the country' to visit 'the big smoke' I remembered she had recently returned to her vegetarian status. Incidentally another friend has ditched the veggie life after many years and plunged with gusto into a bacon wrapped burger in Damson Diner, blood dripping on the plate!

The friend expressed a desire to eat in Cornucopia, that Dublin vegetarian institution and I felt that it was a great place to eat for a casual lunch, but not quite up to scratch for an evening get-together and also, what about the meat eaters? (growwllll!)

Setting about this with gusto I thought I'd peruse a number of menus for Dublin restaurants to see what they offered the vegetarian. The results were interesting. Some offered just one option whilst others carried dedicated vegetarian menus. Some of the ethnic restaurants offered the widest choice and my research has brought me to many restaurants I haven't yet had a chance to visit and now look forward to exploring.

I started my research on which helped me to start off with the twenty five restaurants below. I will state that this research is only based on what was advertised on the menu on the restaurants' websites and accept that many if not most will cater for the vegetarian on request or where possible will adjust a listed dish to exclude the fish/meat content. I have starred those that offer more than the average choice to the vegetarian diner-*=4-6 options(at least 2 starters+2 mains), **=7-9 options and ***= 10+options.  I look forward to more suggestions and comments from readers. 

Some Dublin Restaurants and their listed Vegetarian Options

**1. Darwins: 80 Aungier Street D2
A dedicated vegetarian menu with 3 starters and 4 main options + vegetarian option on early bird menu.

*2. Le Bon Crubeen : 81 Talbot Street D1
2 starters + 2 mains (1 main same as starter) + veg option on early bird.

*3. Pearl Brasserie: 20 Merrion St Upper D2
A dedicated vegetarian menu with 3 starters and 3 mains + veg option on early bird.

4. Fade Street Social: 6 Fade Street D2
*(Restaurant) 6 options under ‘vegetables and salads’ plus good selection of veg sides + veg option on early bird
**(Gastro Bar- tapas menu) 8+ options under ‘tapas from the garden’
 Fade Street Social

5. Bang: 11 Merrion Row D2
1 starter and 1 main on รก la carte + same options on early bird.

6. Hugos: 6 Merrion Row
3 starters and 1 main + veg option on early bird.

***5. Govinda's: 4 Aungier Street D2,18  Merrion Row D2, 83 Middle Abbey Street D1
An institution in Dublin, the dedicated vegetarian  Krishna restaurant

?6. Dunne and Crescenzi: 16 Frederick St D2
Options on  evening menu but full menu not on website.

***7. Rustic Stone: 17 Sth Gt Georges St D2
4 starters, several pastas, salads as mains and good choice sides
**‘Raw’ lunch menu with mains and veg shakes

**8. The Farm: 3 Dawson Street
3 starters + 5 mains
2 starters + 2 mains on early bird
Rustic Stone                                              The Farm

***9. Cornucopia: Wicklow St
Need I say more?

***10. The Cedar Tree: 11 Sth Andrew St D2
A Lebanese restaurant, and possibly the only one left in Dublin without a website? show menus with huge veg choice.

***11. The Chameleon: 1 Lwr Fownes St, Temple Bar D2
Indonesian with dedicated vegetarian menu
The Cedar Tree                                         The Chameleon

*12. 101 Talbot: 100-102 Talbot St
3+ starters and 2 mains + same options on early bird.

***12. Monty’s of Kathmandu: 28 Eustace St D2
Nepalese with wide choice of vegetarian dishes and dedicated vegetarian menu.

***13. El Bahia: 55 Clarendon St D2
Moroccan with large range of choice for vegetarians
Monty's                                                      El Bahia

***14. Dada: 45 Sth William St D2
Also Moroccan with maybe less choice but still lots of vegetarian dishes

***15.Ciao Bella Roma: 24 Parliament St D2
6 starters + 4 pasta mains, 8 pizzas
Dada                                          Ciao Bella Roma 

***16. Yamamori 71 Sth Gt Georges St D2, 38 Lwr Ormond Quay D1, 13 Sth Gt Georges St
Japanese - enormous variety and more choice than you know what to do with

***17. The Port House 64 Sth William St
Spanish tapas with appetisers, salads, cheeses + 4 pintxos (bar snacks)
Yamamori                                                     The Port House

*18. Odessa: 14 Dame Court D2
2 ‘sixers’ (€6 plates) 3 starters and 2 mains.

*19. L’Ecrivain: 109a Lower Baggot St
Dedicated vegetarian menu (€60-choice of 2 starters and 2 mains.)

***20. Wagamama: South King St D2
Fresh fast Asian food with lots for vegetarians.

**21. Jo’burger: 4 Castle Market
Big salads, nice sides + choice of two veggie burgers.

***22. Skinflint: Crane Lane
Appetizers, 3 salads + 7 pizzas.
Wagamama                                                Skinflint

***23. Milano’s:  19 East Essex St D2, 38 Dawson St D2, 6 Excise Walk D1, Hanover Quay D2
Starters, salads, pastas +pizza

***24. Salamanca: 1 St Andrew St D2
4 tapas starters, 9 veg tapas mains + nice side orders and bread


*25. Olesya's Wine Bar 18 Exchequer St
2 starters and 1 main (vegetarians catered for on request stated on menu) + choice on 'nibbles and platters menu' and early bird.


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