Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Betty Crocker does Christmas!

This year Betty Crocker Cakes are putting their packet mixes forward as easy alternatives to the good old fashioned fruit Christmas cake. Not usually a fan of packet mixes, I will admit to having used Betty Crocker mixes in the past with great success. The pictures of Christmas versions of the cakes you can make using the packet mix are very enticing and I'm thinking it will make its way into my shopping basket sometime soon (but I don't need to tell anyone eh?!)

1 Brownie.jpg This is the Christmas version of the classic Brownie. Double layered brownies-I guess they used a round cutter and stuck it with icing. The strawberry with a dob of cream cheese icing as Santa's hat going down the chimney is adorable!

2 Carrot Cake.jpg This is Carrot Cake pops-cute! Not a mix I would have thought of making for Christmas but it is one of my favourite cakes so why not? A bit fiddly for me to approach - but the idea of little bite size sticks of carrot cake just might tempt me to make the extra effort! Not sure what I'd stick them in tho' - the cake in the photo is just part of the decoration.

3 Choc Fudge.jpg Now this one is the business; a chocolate fudge cake with vanilla filling and choc fudge topping made into fab looking Chocolate Christmas cake- you'll have the family drooling over it. I'm not sure what the red blobs are- glacĂ© cherries? (or glacier cherries as one of my acquaintances innocently calls them not knowing her mistake- ah sweet!) or they could be strawberries, but it looks great.

4 Lemon Drizzle.jpg Inside this, believe it or not is a lemon drizzle cake using a lemon cake mix. This also goes down as one of my favourite cakes (okay, I admit it, I love all cake) coated in vanilla buttercream and sprinkled with coconut flakes. Lemon cake is an inspired choice at Christmas with its lovely citrusy taste to cut through all that rich food.

5 Red Velvet .jpg And who doesn't love red velvet cakes. Making the mix into fairy cakes (buns to you guys, cupcake to the Americans) is a lovely idea. The amount of icing looks a bit overwhelming but a tin of these would go down a treat in my house over Christmas.

Betty Crocker is supporting the ISPCC 'Holly Bake' which will be held in November and December - keep an eye out on for more info. The Betty Crocker recipe page is actually very nice and deserves a peep .

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