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Dublin City Early Birds- An Update

My post last March on early bird deals in Dublin ( ) is my most read post on this blog. Due to this interest I thought I'd post an update.

As we all complain of the price of things, there is the good news that five restaurants have reduced the price of their early bird menu. Encouraging also is the fact that a year on fifteen of them have kept their prices the same. Twelve restaurants have put their menu prices up by €1-€3 euro. There is still great value to be had in early birds around Dublin, new restaurants continue to open and with many at under €20 for two courses the diner can feel safe at trying out new restaurants. I have included the same restaurants as before and will post a second page of new openings/other restaurants of interest later.

All restaurants are D2 addresses, I will not be repeating contact details- you're clever enough to Google or to refer back to my previous article! Some are not available on Saturdays or even Fridays and please check or ring ahead to be sure information hasn't changed since publication.

I have sorted them by price of the two course menu for easy comparison.

Under €20 for 2 courses
La Cave, admittedly one of the cheapest around town, has put the menu up by €1. Still great value at just €17.95 for 2 courses from 5-7pm.
Chilli Club is up €2 but still very reasonable
-€2 courses €18.95, 5.30-6.30pm, tables vacated by 7.30pm.
Chez Max has no changes from last year. A case of don't fix what ain't broke!
-2 courses €19, Sun-Thurs 5.30-7pm
Odessa famous for it's brunch (Sat and Sun 11.30am-4pm) and always good value has put up it's prices by €1.55 and €3 respectively;
-2 course €19.50, 3 courses €23.95 Mon-Thurs and Sun all night, Fri 6-7pm , Sat 5.30-7pm.
San Lorenzo has a good reduction both down €3 and for longer times in the week.
-2 courses €19.50, 3 courses €24.50 Sun-Thurs all evening, Fri and Sat 5-7pm
Dada Moroccan, had a great meal here last year and very nice staff. No price changes.
-2 courses with mint tea €19.90, Sun-Weds all night, Thurs and Fri 5-7pm, Sat and Sun 4pm-7pm.
Marco Pierre White still serves the great lunch special until 5pm- steak sandwich and pommes frites for €13.95. No change in early bird prices;
-1 course €14.95, 2 courses €19.95, 3 courses €24.95 Mon-Fri until 6.45, Sat and Sun until 4.45pm
The Larder has  a slight price rise of 95c and €1.95 respectfully.
-2 courses €19.95, 3 courses €23.95, no times stated on website. Also does the €12.95 steak with additional purchase necessary.

Il Posto has come down in price by €2 and €1 respectively
-2 courses €20, 3 courses €25 Mon-Sat 5.30-7pm
Pichet has come in price since last year. It is a lunch and early evening menu;
-2 courses €20, 3 for €25 Mon-Sat 12-3pm/ 5-6.30pm, Sun 1-30pm/5-6.30pm.
Les Fréres Jacques has kept prices the same.
-2 courses €20, 3 courses €25, times not stated.
Eden has no change in price.
-2 course €20, 3 course €24.50, Sun-Weds all evening 
Francesca's in Brook's Hotel; 10% off the table d'hote menu between 6-7pm-no price change
-2 courses €23(-10% €20.70), 3 courses €29 (€26.10) or €33 (€29.70) with a glass of wine
Olesya's (couldn't get price last year-link not working)
-2 courses €20.95, 3 courses €23.50, Sun-Thurs until 7pm
Hugo's, a favourite of ours, has gone up €2;
-2 courses €21.50, 3 courses €26 available 7 days 5-6.45pm
Unicorn menu's are up €2
-2 courses €21.50, 3 courses €26.50, all night Mon-Weds, 5.30-7pm Thurs, Fri (and Sat?)
Diep Le Shaker didn't have an early bird as such last year, instead a 2 person deal with wine (€62). This deal has gone up €3 and there is now an early option too;
-2 courses €21.95, 3 courses €25.95, Tues-Fri served 5-7pm, Sat 5-6.30pm or 3 courses for 2 with wine at €65.
Farm Restaurant prices remain the same.
-2 courses €21.95, 3 courses €24.95, served daily from 3pm-7pm
Ely Wine Bar has upped it's early bird by €2;
-2 courses €21.95, 3 courses €27 Mon-Sat 5-6.30pm
The Pig's Ear stays the same;
- 2 course €21.95, 3 course €26.95 Mon-Sat 5.30-6.30pm
La Maison has no change in prices;
-2 courses €22, 3 courses €26 Sun-Weds from 3pm, Thurs-Sat 3-7pm
Saba has also reduced its price for its fixed price menu but still does not do an early bird offer;
-2 course fixed menu Sun-Weds €22.95. They also serve an express 2 course lunch for €13.95.

Il Primo across the Green has kept its' prices the same
-2 courses €23, 3 courses €26, Mon-Weds all evening, Thurs-Sat until 6.45pm.
Isabel's has the same prices as last year.
-2 courses €23, 3 courses €27, Tues-Thurs 6-7pm, Fri and Sat 5.30-7pm
Bang  up €1.95 and €2.95 respectively.
-2 courses €23.95, 3 courses €29.95
Fallon and Byrne has no change in prices;
-2 courses €24.50, 3 courses €29.95 Sun-Fri all night, at 6pm on Sat.
Pearl Brasserie has changed it's menu option. Now called the 'Two Course Seasonal Menu' and up €3
-2 courses €25, Lunch each day from 12, Mon-Weds all night, Thurs and Fri 6-7pm.
Town Bar and Grill-relaunched as Saison, no rise in price (well-we won't quibble over 5c!)
-2 courses €25, Mon-Sat 5.30-6.45pm

One Pico, although pricey, has stayed the same;
-2 courses €29 Mon-Sat 5-6.45pm

3 Courses only option
Toscana a change of choice (no 2 course) and a price reduction of €1
-3 courses €20.95, all week 3-6.30pm
Fade Street Social Restaurant has kept the price the same.
- 3 courses €25,called 'early evening' but can't find a time.
La Mere Zou only serves a 3 course option. No change in price from last year;
-3 courses €26.50, Mon-Sat 5.30-7pm.
Peploes, fave of the business lunch crowd has gone up €1.50
-3 courses for €26.50 5.30-6.30pm, last order 6.25pm.
The Trocadero, fave of the theatre set has gone up €2. They've slightly changed booking also;
-3 course €27, available daily from 5pm, latest reservation 6.15pm and vacate all tables by 7.30pm.

The Cellar in The Merrion Hotel doesn't appear to serve an early bird as such any more.
Il Segreto is now closed
Bite is closed but relocating-no news yet.

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