Thursday, May 1, 2014

Food/ Restaurants on Dawson Street

A lot of our conversations seem to start with the phrase "What's the name of that restaurant on (blank) street?" and then continues along the vein of "you know, the one with the seats outside/nice frontage/big awning etc." We get there in the end but I love those infographics with drawings of the restaurants on the map of Dublin. For twerps like me who keep forgetting.

Anyway, this page is about Dawson Street,a mecca for good restaurants. Hopefully you can then come here and search the phrase and up pops a list of the restaurants as you work your way down the road.

Starting on the left hand side of the road travelling down from the Stephen's Green end you pass the tiny red doorway of The Dawson Lounge Pub and the swanky shirt shop Pinks before coming to the corner and seeing a lovely little blue frontage.
32a-Little Ass Burrito Bar

Some people don't know that tucked away around that corner down Joshua Lane next to the rather posh Royal Irish Automobile Club is a little wine bar.
La Ruelle Wine Bar serves early bird menus as well as tapas bites.

Crossing the lane and moving down a short distance we come to the very smart Dawson Hotel, formerly La Stampa and home of two restaurants.
 The Dawson Brasserie (in the old Balzac inside the hotel)
 and Faat Baat (in the old Tiger Becs downstairs.)

Immediately next door is 37 Dawson Street

...and immediately next door to that is Milano's

...and immediately next door to that is Cafe en Seine.

Wander further down the road now, cross over South Anne Street and pass the Royal Hibernian Way Shopping Mall and you'll come to the mecca of steak that is Marco Pierre White's.

Perched on the corner of Dawson and Duke Street is the Italian institution Carluccio's.

Moving quickly past that American coffee conglomerate, if you are stopping for that type of a snack then head for Lemon.

Looking across the road now you will see Farm Restaurant

and then crossing Dawson Lane and on the next corner up Fixx coffee house.

Across Molesworth Street you'll pass St Anne's Church and The Royal Irish Academy and you will then be at The Mansion House. To the left of this is Fire.

Next door to The Mansion House is The Green House restaurant.

And last but not least, Harry's Cafe at 22 Dawson Street.

So, now we all know our way around, get out there and have something to eat and drink, enjoy Dublin and tell me how you got on!

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